Bulwark Against Chaos

We follow in the footsteps of Guilliman. As it is written in the Codex, so shall it be.

— Marneus CalgarChapter Master of the Ultramarines

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Alien Landscape 

The alien surface of a British Columbia Beach

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The New Factory in Lillehammer by Fritz Thaulow 

Paris, Petit Palais. 


More Gothic love

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My God, that’s a big ship.
Not so big as her Captain, I think.
– Leonard McCoy and Montgomery Scott2293 (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)


Blue tripod.
personal work. 2008

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The Deck 

The empty decks of a BC Ferries ship. 


Concept Art by Daniel Dociu

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Portrait of Madame Edgar Stern by Durant

Paris, Petit Palais

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Back Against the Wall. A mecha from the Gundam series.


An imaginary warship (By “Paperblue”) xpost-/r/warshipporn

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Gargoyle Head. A time stained gargoyle in a garden.